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We had them cater part of our wedding in October 2015. They were fantastic, Dustin is very nice and accommodating and delivered on everything he said he would. It down poured the entire day, but they remained happy and positive the entire time. Our guests absolutely loved this cool add on to our wedding, it was a highlight for sure. I highly recommend them.


Melissa T.

These guys did a backyard party of about 40 of my friends, and it was awesome. We just did pizzas, but the variety was enough that everyone left satisfied. My friends still tell me how awesome the party was.
For the money, it was a great deal, its way more entertaining to have a wood fired oven cranking out your food instead of a tea-light warming a tray of soggy enchiladas or something.
We just shared each pizza as it came out, they were about 12 inches in diameter. The nice part about that is that you have a little slice of this, and a little slice of that...kind of like when you eat at uchi. You don't stuff your face and then regret it later, you just graze on the delicious pizzas as they come out. The oven gets really hot, so it makes pizzas quick.


Dave W.

My husband and I are huge pizza fans, and the only request he made for our wedding was pizza for the meal! I'm not sure I can put into words how happy we were to find Dustin/Fire and Slice Pizza! Guests of our wedding are still talking about how great the pizza was. They were so great to work with and made our wedding perfect! I can't wait to have another party just to have them there. His staff was super friendly and the pizza is amazing! I would absolutely recommend Fire and Slice for ANY event!


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